The Cabin Living Room Reveal with Article

March 16, 2020

A-Frame living room with Article Furniture

This post is in partnership with Article. All opinions are my own.

Stepping into our cabin is officially a completely different experience than it was just months ago. The view has always been amazing, but I used to just look past the cabin’s interior to see it.  Now, I’m welcomed by a living room that both sets the cabin’s mood and invites me to cozy up and really take in that view.

The previous living room set-up was a collection of different styles of furniture and a lot of it. We spent our winter holidays in the cabin, using what was there and learning how we could make it better. The existing furniture pieces were arranged like obstacles, blocking movement or filling space, and failed to seat everyone comfortably. I took my use-what-you-have and live-in-it research and devised a plan to make this awkwardly shaped living space work for us.

Article’s Refresh collection for the new decade is themed around mixing wood tones and earth-toned neutrals with just-right colorful accents and luxe materials. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the perfect starting point for us to turn the cabin into a place that felt like home.

Article furniture living room birdseye

Our cabin has been a place of demo and hard work since January, and it is extremely rewarding to have turned it into a place of calm and rest once again. We’ll be diving into our next project soon, and although things will be chaotic once more, we’ll be reserving the living room as our calm, reno-free safe place.

The easiest thing we’ve done for the cabin so far has been adding the new living room furniture. That’s because Article’s in-room delivery and assembly service brought it all the way up the mountain, carried everything inside, unpacked it, assembled it and put it in place. The delivery men were extremely pleasant to hang out with during the install and kept telling me how much they like Article furniture (unsolicited, I promise). They contract with Article as a last-mile delivery service and told me how they prefer Article to the other furniture brands they deliver. They said they almost never see shipping damage and really only have to pick it up for return when someone changes their mind about the color.

As an introvert who wants to be able to shop for all options everywhere, online furniture shopping is my go-to. Article aims to make shopping for furniture online easy with affordable shipping options – free ground shipping for orders over $999 or $49 for smaller orders. For extra small shipments, shipping is $19. (The in-room delivery and assembly service I talked about above is available for $169.) To take some of the stress out of buying furniture you’ve never sat on or seen in person, Article gives you 30 days to decide if your new furniture is right for you and your space. If not, they’ll come to pick it up and take it away, and send you a refund, minus the delivery and pick up charges (usually around $49).

Let’s see that furniture.

Mello Taos Brown Sectional

Article Mello Right Art Corner Sectional

The Mello Taos Brown Sectional has been the design anchor for every mood board I’ve made for the cabin since before we even closed on the sale. Items have evolved around it over time, but I’ve known it would be the cabin’s sectional since the beginning. It’s probably due to how fantastic the Mello line looks in YellowBrickHome’s TreeHouse and how it lovely it was in ChrisLovesJulia’s A-frame.

Because this is such a well-loved piece of furniture the internet-wide, I knew I had to set ours apart. I paired it with a modern, graphic jute rug and a round column-base coffee table.

Article Mello Sectional in Taos Tan

I wanted the unfussy, un-slumpy look of a tight back and tight seat so there are no cushions to fluff. The low profile is perfect for working with our windows, falling just under the sill-height, instead of against it. The right arm configuration provides a nice long lounging area right underneath the view of the mountains. And that low back? It’s supportive and comfortable and doubles as the perfect armrest all the way around for both tall and short sitters alike.

Corgi on Mello Sectional

Penelope took to this sectional immediately. Its 16″ seat height is perfect for her aging corgi body to jump up on. The seat is firm with a little bit of give (filled with high-density foam and polyester filling) – it’s just right for us as we don’t like to sink into our furniture.

When I first included this sectional in my living room mood board, I was asked about how the two sofa pieces connect. The two pieces of the sectional butt up against each other but are not connected. It’s still early days but so far, this has not been an issue for us. Each piece is solid with a corner-blocked wooden frame, so they stay put very well.

Mello Taos Tan Sofa Leather Close Up

Natural materials layered on natural materials! I’ve never owned any real leather furniture before in my whole life, but our new cabin has been calling for us to take the big leather-owning step. The full-aniline Italian-tanned leather is really really beautiful. We know that when we rent out our cabin, it’ll take some wear and tear, so we’re focusing on materials that will age well. I know that little scuffs, scratches, and a couple of stains will happen. I feel very good about all those only making our sectional age gracefully over time.

Madera Oak Sideboard

Article Madera Sideboard 65"

I’ve had my eye on Article’s Madera Oak Sideboard for a very long time. It has such a solid look to it, and it should because it’s made of solid wood. It has a perfectly rustic but modern style, which is everything I’m looking for at the cabin. The sideboard goes beautifully with our new Swedish oak floors and I love that the doors aren’t book-matched. Each of the three doors is unique, showing off the unique grain and knots of oak with a warm (but not too warm) brushed finish.

Article madera sideboard detail

The shape of the angled legs echoes the sloped roof on our almost-a-frame cabin.

article madera sideboard open door

Behind the slow-close, solid wood doors are adjustable solid wood shelves. This means lots of room inside to store extra styling accessories, candles, and board games.

Regis Juniper Green Lounge Chairs

Article Madera Sideboard and Regis Chair

When I was looking for the perfect set of lounge chairs for the cabin, I wanted something in a fabric that would complement the leather sectional but add a different texture. And I wanted something in a dark, more forgiving fabric. Then I spotted Article’s new Regis Juniper Green Lounge Chair. The luxe velvet fabric is the perfect shade of olive green that’s both rich and muted at the same time. And that structural base? Perfect.

Close up of Article Regis Chair in Juniper

Just like with our sectional, I wanted a fuss-free option. The Regis Lounge Chairs have fixed cushions, so there’s nothing to fluff, no cushions to fuss over. The sit is firm and supportive and the seat is a generous width, with a corner-blocked wooden frame within.

Article Regis Chairs and Madera Sideboard

These chairs look good from every angle. There are already lots of lovely warm wood tones going on in the space, so I wanted to go with a chair without wooden legs.  The powder-coated steel frame is angular and modern and ties into the black accents I’ll be carrying through the space. And if you’re ordering this chair from Article, rest easy knowing it ships assembled – all you’ll have to do is take it out of the box.

Living Room with Article Madera Sideboard and Regis Chairs

Wow. My absolute new favorite view (aside from the mountains, of course). I am so glad to have given this room focus and have transformed it from an obstacle course of furniture into an inviting, comfortable space. When I sit in here now, I never want to leave. I wish I could send you the feeling that this space gives – we could all use a bit of zen right now.

a-frame cabin with article furniture

Thank you for coming along with us on the cabin’s journey. This first finished space feels like a huge accomplishment and is extremely rewarding – I hope you love it as much as we do!

Most sources for this living room can be found in my Cabin Living Room Plan post.

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  • Reply Kim | Yellow Brick Home March 16, 2020 at 11:56 am

    I couldn’t love this more. You’ve inspired me! I’m taking notes for designing our Two Flat. :)

  • Reply Ashley Izsak March 16, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    It looks so inviting! I really love that sofa!

  • Reply Beth Lehman March 16, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    absolutely beautiful. i saw this post in my feed this morning and came back for a second look because it is so serene. i love it.

  • Reply Liz March 16, 2020 at 9:01 pm

    Wow! I was not shopping for a new couch but now I really want that leather sectional! Stunning room!

  • Reply Sarah Wissinger March 17, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    Ahh, I can’t get over how good it looks! You did an incredible job – I can’t wait to see what you do with the kitchen!

  • Reply Anjali Reddy October 7, 2020 at 6:56 pm

    I love the chairs and am thinking of getting them! Would you say they are comfortable?

    • Reply thesweetbeast October 7, 2020 at 7:01 pm

      Hi there! The chairs are definitely a firm sit so if you’re looking for something to sink into, these are not that. We prefer a more firm chair so they work well and are comfortable for us, and we like how roomy they are.

  • Reply Lina February 3, 2022 at 3:42 pm

    Hi, the large artwork is great. Is it custom, or a found photo you framed? I would love the source. Thanks.

    • Reply thesweetbeast March 13, 2022 at 11:51 am

      Hi there and thank you! The photograph above the credenza/sideboard is a photo my husband took of the lake near our cabin, it is displayed on a Samsung Frame TV.

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