Our First Night in the Cabin Loft with Saatva Mattress

February 5, 2020

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Saatva Mattress in Cabin Loft

In December, we spent our first night in our cabin on a creaky old queen size mattress that was included in the sale.  It was blue with a floral pattern (you know the kind), of indeterminate age, slept on by who knows how many people, and horribly uncomfortable. We got very little sleep with springs digging into our backs. Every move from the other feeling like being flung from the other side of a see-saw. We looked at each other in the morning and said “never again.”

That first night was spent in the main bedroom but we’d dreamed of sleeping in the loft since we first set eyes on it. So open. Such windows. Such view. And with the main floor of the cabin very much a construction zone (have you been watching my stories?), now is exactly the right time to move on up to the loft. Saatva swooped in and gifted us a mattress and bedding to make our first night in the loft a comfortable reality.

About the mattress:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it for the next 6 years – I am in my 30s and I love luxury – I am in my Luxury 30s. To me, luxury means comfort and convenience and Saatva provides both.

The Saatva Classic mattress is available in three firmness options: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. We went with the luxury firm option because it’s their most popular mattress and suits most sleeping styles. We got a king size because the loft is nice and spacious, and because since upgrading to a king-size bed at home, we can’t go back.

So is this a pillow top mattress? One of those memory foam mattresses? Does it have springs (do we even still like springs)? It has a little bit of all of that – The Saatva Classic has a euro pillow top, plus a memory foam layer, plus individually wrapped coils.

Unlike most mattresses that you order from the internet, Saatva mattresses are delivered via a white-glove service instead of arriving compressed in a box. That means we didn’t have to drag a heavy mattress box up to the loft or wait for a mattress to decompress. The free delivery service also includes mattress removal, so we were able to part ways with the old and mismatched twin mattresses and box springs that were left behind by the sellers.

So what did we think of the Saatva Classic?

The first thing I noticed about the mattress was how much easier it was to put sheets on compared to our mattress at home. The Saatva Classic has just enough weight to feel substantial but was light enough that I could lift the corners without straining.

The Saatva Classic has a lot of features meant to reduce back and joint pain and provide spine support – all of which sounded great to me as someone who frequents the Chiropractor’s office. I laid down to sleep with aching hips and woke up well-rested and without pain. My body felt fully supported with no areas of pressure.

Andy fell asleep quickly and slept through the night, which is all he asks for before a day full of flooring demo. We agreed that compared to our mattress at home, the Saatva is bouncier with slightly more motion transfer.

Penelope the corgi really enjoy perching on the loft bed during the day, keeping an eye on all the activity below.

Is this the mattress for you?

I can’t tell you if any mattress will be the one for you because I am 100% sure our bodies are different.  Mattresses are not one-size-fits-all and it takes time to know if a mattress is right for you. Saatva offers a 120 night trial with a $99 return fee if you don’t love it.

The Pillows and Sheets

The Pillows

Our new sheets and pillows arrived first, so we ended up using the pillows at home before the mattress arrived at the cabin. The Saatva Pillows are a very satisfying, hefty weight and magically both soft and firm at the same time. I like a pillow that has some give but hate when a pillow flattens after just a few nights. I’ve tried every combo of memory foam, shredded memory foam, down, and down alternative but nothing has been quite right.

The Saatva pillow does all the things I’ve been looking for in a pillow because it has a shredded latex core wrapped in a plush fiber that feels like down. It’s all the things! We brought the pillows back home with us to use every night.

The Sheets

The Lofton Organic Sheet Set is lightweight and made from organic cotton in Fair Trade certified factories. They fit our new mattress perfectly and washed up well (cold water on a gentle cycle, tumble dry low) and came out even softer. Andy really couldn’t stop talking about how soft they were. The fitted sheet has a small tag on the short ends to let you know which side is meant for the head/foot of the bed – a detail I really appreciate.

I am looking forward to so many more extremely cozy mornings waking up to the sun through these windows. Our cabin is a long way from finished and everything feels like chaos right now, so having the loft bedroom as a place to escape has already been wonderful. The loft bedroom itself is far from finished, but it felt very satisfying to style it with a few things I’ve picked up for the cabin and a simple vintage rug from home. Making a little bit of time to create this retreat was so worth it and made me so excited about our future in the cabin.

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  • Reply Ashley - The Gold Hive February 10, 2020 at 10:21 am

    When you aren’t at the cabin I’m going to sneak in and sleep in that dreamy bed.

  • Reply SLG February 23, 2020 at 9:07 am

    I’m so enjoying watching the progress on your cabin!

    I had a hard time finding customer reviews of the Saatva mattress online when I was mattress shopping, so here are a few comments about the ones we have. We have 3: one luxury firm that we sleep on all the time, and two “firm” mattresses in our cabin. We’ve had the luxury firm for about 4 years, and the firms for about 3.

    Saatva’s customer service is truly outstanding — the white glove delivery is no joke, and they handled bumps in the road with aplomb — including navigating our weird floor plan that makes it hard to get large mattresses into a bedroom. And the mattresses are DEFINITELY comfy — both the luxury firm and the firm. (I put an extra-thick mattress pad on one of the firm mattresses to accommodate guests who like softer beds, and it’s been fine.)

    However, the longevity of the mattresses hasn’t been everything I hoped for. After 4 years, our luxury firm definitely has two visible depressions in it where we each sleep, and the mattress can’t be flipped so it’s harder to compensate for that. So whether someone buys a Saatva mattress probably depends on whether they’re looking for something more short-term, or the kind of mattress they’ll keep for 10 years or more.

    Either way, I’m jealous of your loft! And I’m so enjoying watching your cabin progress unfold.

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