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  1. Hey Meg!

    The China Study is on my shelf and at the top of my list to read. Right now my focus is on reducing my families meat consumption. We are working on Meatless Monday-or meatless any day! I only eat fish and turkey at the moment, but I have the feeling that The China Study would change that. It’s always good to have a variety of sources for protein in your diet. And look at that list! So many choices. Your blog is looking amazing!
    Lori Popkewitz Alper recently posted..Meatless Monday Menu: Pasta Bar

    • Lori Popkewitz Alper » Thanks Lori! I still eat fish, but only fresh fish that my dad catches. Unless I start taking a bunch of vitamins I don’t want to cut out the fish. There are so many yummy things to make that don’t have meat. Your family may not even realize it’s missing. You could start with a flat bread pizza and just load it with some yummy vegetables that they all love. Yumm!

  2. Hey Meg,

    This is a great reference post, thank you!

    My better half is going to vegetarian to vegan as she went vegan for lent, and after re-introducing milk/eggs (pasta, breads etc..) she feels too weighed down.

    I’m leaning on the .. ‘flexitarian’ according to google. I don’t disagree with eating free range chickens/eggs etc & macro farmed beef, but the latter is a rarity in AUS.

    Curious where your Vegan diet has developed from? A cruelty (one love) perspective, diet or..? Would you eat eggs if you had your own chickens and fed them all your leafy green food scraps?

    Always interested in other people’s perspectives on it.


    Andrew recently posted..Minimalism is the New Black

    • Andrew » I went strait from a meat eater to a vegan. I saw my father take a huge dive from cancer late last year and it opened my eyes up to so many things. Health being a huge area. My sister is vegan and gluten free and she introduced me to her lifestyle and way of eating. I felt so much better, more energy and didn’t feel like I was putting something potentially harmful in my body. I am more concerned with the antibiotics, steroids and other hazards they pump into these animals than I am with animal rights. Of course I don’t like to see what they are doing to the animals but that was never the reason I switched over. I like that your lady is experimenting to see what makes her feel the best. That is really all that matters in the long run. I am a flexatarian. I feel fish is a component in my life that gives me the omegas and proteins that I need. I would rather eat fish than tofu…. I think soy has a negative affect on my body personally.

      If I were on a farm and I knew their process was organic,safe and clean then I would consider eating the meat, eggs, milk what have you. But honestly those things do not even interest me anymore. The only thing I miss is Parmesan cheese. How random huh?

      If you ever have any questions let me know, If I don’t have the answer my sister will. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Todd | Channelingmyself » True. Very true. Same with a Brachiosaurus…. the largest known dinosaur to man. hmmm…. “food” for thought.

  3. Meg!

    thanks so much for not going crazy on me- so many people do when I say the China Study is wrong;)

    I LOVE the “Flexetarian” concept. I hate the idea of saying I eat “paleo” or that I define myself by my food in any way. I eat food-period. I’m happy,healthy, vibrant and enjoying life.

    If others can say the same thing-who am i to judge:)

    People get far to violent over food. I’m so glad I’ve found another person who shares my laid back attitude.

    Everyone’s different and its stupid to think that’s there’s one perfect diet out there for everyone. Love the lovetarian idea too :D

    Great work Meg!

    Armi Legge recently posted..Super Basic Starter’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting

  4. Hiya Meg!

    I love your site- but I’m gonna get “chewed” off the comments for this :D

    I’m totally on board with the fact that you can get enough protein eating vegan- That’s 100% true and I agree.

    The China Study is flawed through and through on almost every level. I’m not saying is was a conspiracy or anything-just bad science.

    Please read the following articles before citing the China Study again:




    I love your blog and am only trying to help. Veganism is great in many ways-but the China Study is not a good reference.

    Thanks for all your work!

    Armi Legge recently posted..Super Basic Starter’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting

    • Armi Legge » I appreciate your comment and feedback. I truly do. I will make sure that I do some additional research. I must say though, I am not a preacher of veganism. I still eat fish. I still LOVE fish. I call myself a flexatarian or lovetarian because I want to have the flexibility to eat what I LOVE and what I believe is good for me. I believe that if you consume the right fish that there are a lot of beneficial nutrients. Like I mentioned in a comment above… I don’t believe eating all meat is bad, it’s eating it in mass quantities. For me personally its just easier to cut it out altogether. I have a very sensitive digestive system so refraining from it and then having it in small doses tends to upset my stomach. I have also done experiments with meat, when I cut meat out I had more energy and as I slowly brought it back I felt much more sluggish and tired. Could it be a different factor? Of course, but that’s what I love about being a flexatarian. I will make sure to check out those links. I have heard negative feedback on the China Study but it was never from very reputable sources. In no way am I claiming the China Study to be biblical doctrine but it gives people a great springboard to question what they eat and what they believe to be healthy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback. We need more brave souls like your self to stir the pot a little.

  5. Hi Meg – I think I was one of the people who may have asked in one of my comments about where you get your protein :-| This was VERY helpful. I think I might be able to get close to going this route. I need to read The China Study. I do like to eat eggs and seafood. I do not eat a lot of meat and go days without it. I think I may try harder to make a switch. I do not know if I could go totally vegan. One of the things I always think about though is that our bodies were created to eat meat as that has been a key source of food going back to the beginning of time. Humans have always hunted animals for food. Kind of the circle of life thing. Do you think it is just that we got out of balance with how much? As a culture we have lost our way with moderation of so many things. Are there other studies that show a need for meat based protein? I am just one of those people who has to know the whole story and all sides in order to make a good choice. What would be hard for me is getting my kids to make the switch. I think I could do it myself. I know my boyfriend would NEVER go vegan but he is pretty good about eating what I suggest so I could get him pretty close to it!

    I love your passion and commitment to educating people about this. It is really making me think deeply about the topic. I am going to print out the list you have here and make a grocery list. Hey, that might not be a bad post for you – a typical grocery list for the week in the life of a vegan!
    Liane recently posted..Priceline- What A Deal!

    • Liane » Yes, this post was thanks to you! You always have great post ideas for me. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. I agree that anything in moderation is always the best choice. Also mankind was brought up hunting animals and eating meat however think about the other species that eat meat and how they are designed. They have sharp teeth, they have triple the amount of saliva and there digestive systems are much stronger and durable then that of a human. This means they have the teeth to break down the meat flesh, they also have the saliva to coat the meat as it enters the digestive track. We don’t have these qualities. We may have been created to eat small amounts of meat but not the amount of meat that is consumed in our country. For me it’s just easier to give it up all together. My stomach does not do well cutting it out, and then adding it back. Also, I do not trust the “free range” labels. If I was ever on an organic farm and I understood their process I may consider meat but at this point in my life it just doesn’t sound that appetizing. I do still eat fish and I don’t know if I will ever give that up. We will see. I will make sure to make a grocery list. I am very simple. I eat salads for lunch and make a yummy veggie dinner or pasta for dinner. Every once in awhile I will make something fancy but I just don’t have the time with all the family coming in and out. I have not found very many studies that say you have to have a meat based diet. I know there are diets such as the Atkins diet that include eating an excessive amount of eat but I think they have also found how unhealthy that diet is. I think as we move forward we will find more and more research. I would recommend watching two movies: Food Inc and You are What You Eat. Both really great movies that provide helpful information. Also Kris Carr has a great book out called the Crazy Sexy Diet that has some really good information and is written with her great sense of humor. Thanks for all your awesome comments. They really add so much to my posts. Thank you also for getting me to write this post. I really enjoyed it. Hope you had a great weekend.

      • Thanks for the response Meg. Good points. I truly have been inspired by your passion about this. I have not cut meat out altogether but I am VERY conscious of it now and have cut way back. I intentionally look to make meat free meals now. I have always loved cheese but have cut way back on that too as I have cut back on dairy in general. Speaking of diet, my post on MS and the dietary changes is almost complete. I am finishing up some details on the diet end of it and will send it along when it is done. I am hoping by tomorrow.

        Thanks for the recommendations on the movies. I have heard of them before. I am concerned it will really freak me out – but that is probably the intention!

        I find that I like to grill and saute veggies and that helps me feel I am getting some variety in flavors. I need that. I grill up portabella mushrooms – the big ones that are like burgers -after they have marinated in some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. yummy! I recently grilled seasoned cauliflower and I dont think I will eat it any other way again! I have come a long way with this. You motivate me to keep at it!
        Liane recently posted..Only Love

        • Liane » I can’t wait for your post. David and I are still working on ours. We have had to take a short break with everything going on but I promise it will be complete soon. Great strides with the healthy eating. It’s all about moderation and it sounds like you are doing just that. Oh and I LOVE portabella mushrooms. Yummmmmy!

  6. Megan,

    Thank you for all this information. My wife and I are always trying to find new recipes and options for meals. This should broaden our meals.

    • Matt » Of course. I also post vegan meal recipes that are super simple. You will have to check some of those out too. I also still eat fish so if you are on the fish wagon I have some awesome fish recipes too. Good luck with new food adventure. Let me know if you ever have any questions. It’s a learning process and luckily I have a sister who has been vegan for many years so I can lean on her when I need help.

    • Lori Popkewitz Alper » Glad you liked it. Thanks for the inspiration! :) My boyfriend shared the video with me and I thought it was cute. I am going to do a blood test soon to ensure I am getting all the nutrients I need. I will make sure to post so people see how healthy you can really be cutting meat out of their diets! :)

  7. I am familiar with The China Study. I believe food will BE our medicine someday into the future. Plant foods :-)

    Great post. Love food lists! Thank you, Meg. And yes we do have some common things, like Colorado too! Lived there for a long time.

    • One Heart » I love Colorado. Even though I live in beautiful San Diego there is so much I miss and love about CO. I agree food is our medicine. Eating a healthy diet can go a long way. Thanks so much for stopping by. I look forward to following your blog. One Love!

  8. I really like this post Meg. I need to read the China Study. The abundance of protein consumption is crazy. I have never heard of anyone with a protein deficiency. It really makes you wonder…

    You’ve taught me that more delicious meals exist when you go without meat. Though sushi will long forever have my allegiance :)
    David | Almost Bohemian recently posted..Lessons on Living with Ants

    • David | Almost Bohemian » Yes, I highly recommend the China Study. It really puts everything in perspective. I would even wager that after reading it you would cut meat altogether. Sushi is my love as well. I don’t think I could ever give that up. Unless of course some crazy study comes out linking disease to fish. You also bring up a good point about protein deficiency, we never really here about those people because our country consumes so much those cases are very rare. I did write a post on a few of the symptoms of lack of protein, iron and nutrients. One of the main symptoms: Hair Loss. Check it out:


      Thanks for being my #1 fan!

          • I guess what I mean is, since I don’t mind eating meat, I like that I can. I like the option. At least for right now.

            So when I meet people or I am offered food or I am at a family function or something, I can eat the food but I can also have the conversation about meat and health and the meat industry. This shows that I am not putting myself on a pedestal and judging them for eating meat, but that I am conscious of the issues and I do things in my life (like not buy meat) in order to hold a stand.
            David | Almost Bohemian recently posted..Thank God It&8217s Monday

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