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January 4, 2021

Cabin Interior with wood floors and a view of the snow

Hello and Happy New Year! 2020 was a year of changes, challenges (that is putting it VERY LIGHTLY), and heartbreak for the whole world with my little family included. I’ve been talking to myself a lot lately about the work (and non-work) I enjoy doing most and where I add the most value. At the top of my list of good work is improving our house and cabin and sharing it all with you. You, my friends, my community, have supported me and encouraged me so much through a truly terrible year. So now, if you’re willing, I’d love to find out more about what you’d like to see more of from me and The Sweet Beast.

What’s This Survey All About?

I’m not a huge fan of surprises so I don’t like to let people walk into things they aren’t expecting. Here’s what’s up: as with most surveys, this survey starts with questions that gather demographic information (things like income, age, etc.). The survey is anonymous, so I won’t know who responds with which answer. How will I be using this information and why do I want it?

Fair question! I’d like to work with more brands in 2021. I have a lot of projects I’d like to tackle and share with you that just won’t be possible without some sponsorships, so I plan to do some very focused outreach and see if some of my favorite brands would like to partner with me. I only work with brands that I feel good about recommending to you, brands that I would or do spend my own money on, and that won’t be changing. When brands work with bloggers and influencers, they want to know about their audiences and who they’ll be reaching. For example, I may share with brands what percent of my audience identifies as female.

I understand that answering financial and housing questions during one of the roughest years imaginable may be off-limits, so please feel free to answer “prefer not to say” or simply pass on the survey. No hard feelings.

The rest of the survey is focused on learning more about who you are and how I can better serve you. It’s about what types of content you’d like to see more of, what new topics you might be interested in, whether you look to me for luxury or budget items, and how much you’d spend on a sofa. Ok so the sofa question might seem oddly specific but it’s really getting at my unending curiosity about the dollar value people assign to foundational items and what budget level of products you want to hear me talk about. Basically, I want to bring you more of what you’ve come to love and expect from me and your trust and input are invaluable.

Reader Survey

Whew, ok, so here it is. Use the link below to access the survey. Again, all responses are anonymous. The link will take you to a survey hosted by Google Forms and it should only take about 5-10 minutes of your time. Thank you!

The Sweet Beast Reader Survey

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  • Reply Moo May 18, 2021 at 12:41 pm

    Would love to see more sewing DIY, please and thank you! :)

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