The smigen theory.

A wise woman lectured this week on the smigen theory. The smigen theory is little bits and pieces of you. It’s small parts of you that help better yourself mindfully and globally. It could be a smigen of new knowledge you’ve gained each day of your life, a smigen of volunteer work that you’ve done, a smigen of exercise that you continue to incorporate into your day. It’s all the little smigens in life that we take for granted that are nourishing our bodies in more ways then we see or even know.

Eating healthy should not be a chore, nor should it be hard. It should be a small smigen that we add into our daily routine. It should be like brushing our teeth. Unfortunately, society has shifted our thoughts and our focus to make unhealthy food a reward and eating healthy high maintenance. Why do we reward a job well done with a slice of greasy pizza?

You only have one body, one body that is going to let you be curious and creative. One body that is going to be with you for the long haul.

Why do we eat processed foods if we know they are harmful? Why do we smoke cigarettes if we know they cause lung cancer? Why do we mask a headache with Tylenol when our bodies are just trying to talk to us? Society has labeled eating healthy as a diet when really eating poorly is more work. When did our country decide that eating harmfully is the easy path and eating healthy is the rocky dirt road?

We know that we need to have curiosity and creativity in order to live and stay young. But what we don’t proactively do or know is that we all need to be preparing the next generation for these significant changes and creative ideas we have and hope to apply. Plants and trees prepare their kind for the next generation. Why don’t we? The tree falls to the ground and over time the tree composes into new fertilizer for the new trees to come. Plants are continually forming new seeds and dropping them on the soil for an entire new generation of plants to stem from. Preparation and prevention are two things lacking in this world. Preparing the world for the next generation. Preventing the world from the harmful effects we all have knowledge about but we choose to ignore because it’s easier.

It is important to be mindful about the ways that we can set up this world and the places we live to be ready for the generation to come. By recognizing our little smigens and by taking a step back to be curious with our thoughts we can change the world.

Deborah is an amazing woman who started Rancho La Puerta 71 years ago with her husband. 71 years ago they were practicing organic farming, knew the dangers of sunbathing and were eating locally and seasonally. The two of them as a team were curious and creative and wanted to share the knowledge of health and wellness and opened a fitness based health spa. 71 years ago it was far from a resort spa, they charged $17.50 a week and a tent was required. Regardless of the accommodations healthy eating and fitness was a regimen of all the guests. At 89 years old Deborah is still lecturing at the ranch weekly, takes three pilates classes a week and meets with a personal trainer twice a week. Deborah knows the key to living longer is health and fitness. She is constantly innovating new ideas and writing interesting books. Her thirst for knowledge inspires and causes change in everyone around her.

My ideas for traveling were small smigens that I hoped to accomplish. I learned this week that my small smigens could change people’s lives. Teaching yoga to kids and travelers around the world could be impactful and life changing. My small smigens are now goals that I have set for myself to achieve.

Let’s stop taking all the small smigens for granted. Waking up everyday and having our bowl of oatmeal or healthy breakfast, meditating for 5 minutes before we plunge into work, giving a compliment to someone whom you might not always talk too, soaking in the benefits of our yoga practice and actually setting an intention and making it count, walking the dog and enjoying the surroundings and outside air…. These are all small smigens that we look past and forget everyday. I challenge you to appreciate all the small smigens that make up the bits and pieces of you, the smigens that make you a better person and maybe even the smigens that you can add into your life that will help you be more mindful. Maybe it’s about eating healthy, adding 20 minutes of exercise in your daily routine, not getting angry at the driver who cut you off, or just taking a step back and appreciating all of your great qualities that you do offer to the people around you.

What are your small smigens? What small smigens do you take for granted?

*** wall pictured above is the “quote wall” at Rancho La Puerta. Everyday this wall gets updated with new quotes. I always made sure to stop by and take pictures of the quotes I loved! Great inspiration to start my day at the ranch!

One Love,




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