Spring clean your insides…. Cleanse Time! (Guest Post)

Since we are in the spring cleaning season, what better way to clean our insides then with a colon cleanse. Essentially that’s where the waste eventually comes out so why don’t we help assist our bodies in this process. Mel, from face to face skincare salon was kind enough to write a post on why it is so important to cleanse our colons.


Guest Post written by Mel ( Face to Face Skin Care Salon)

Many people find that detoxifying the body through a colon cleanse can benefit not only the mind but the body as well. There are many benefits that come with taking the time to clean your colon. What is colon cleanse? colon cleanse is the transformation of toxic pollutes that are found in your body. By using a colon cleanse method you can rid your body of harmful toxins that can potentially hurt your body. Considering the fact that the world we live in is much more pollutant, our bodies have a hard time cleaning itself so sometimes we need to give it a little help. We first need to understand that we must limit the amount of toxins that enter our body to help our organs function better. We also must eat nutritional foods as well as vitamins and supplements to help our body clear the toxins.

Taking the time to cleanse your colon means that we will begin to feel better. Our immune systems will function better, we will also get rid of free radicals and toxins in our bodies as well. Generating healthy cells in our bodies will help the fight against developing cancer and this is one of the main things that detoxification does. The benefits of cleaning your colon can help with your digestive system and help your organs function better. When you have tons of waste in your body, it can strain and stress your other organs which in turn will cause them to not to function properly. Colon Cleansing can also help with bloating and induce your energy levels. The liver will function better and you will notice regular bowel movements as well.

There are a few recipes that you can try to cleanse your colon. Many of the recipes are homemade which means that they are easy to try and more or less affordable:

1. One of the things you can try is drinking six to eight glasses of water. Water is considered a simple way to detoxify the body. It flushes out all of the toxins that are built up in the body. It also helps with better bowel movements because it provides more moisture in the digestive tract. You can add a few leaves of nettle tea, as well as honey for a more appealing taste.

2. Green tea is also another detoxification method that you can use. It helps to fight illnesses and it also cleanses the colon.

3. You can also take two grapefruits and two kiwis, add these fruits to 60ml of water and drink.

The benefits of a colon cleanse can have positive affects on the body and the mind. You will find that not only will your body begin to feel better but your mind will feel just as great!

Thanks Mel!

I am a firm believer that cleansing and cleaning the colon are key factors in a healthy lifestyle. I myself participate in colonic hydrotherapy. I also incorporate cleanses/fasts in my lifestyle at least twice a year. I recently attended a lecture on the “Joys of Juicing, Fasting, and Cleansing”. I can’t wait to share the information with you as we progress in the cleansing journey.

One Love,



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    • David William » I think you would really enjoy a colonic. I know you have a great metabolism but it’s always good to get a good clean out of the intestines! Maybe after traveling to clean out all the foreign food. :)

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