Knocking bits off the love list- Hot Air Balloon

I recently took fight on a hot air balloon in Del Mar, CA.  It was a gift for the boyfriend that was never quite working out. We had tried to go up several times and due to “inclement” weather never could get that damn balloon in the air.


It was time to fly! The balloon was getting bigger and bigger right before our eyes.  The boyfriend was still skeptical but my eyes lit up like a little kid in a candy store. I knew we were going to take flight even if I had to pilot the thing myself.

Flight Time: 1 hour


Destination: Wherever the balloon wants to go, no one has any control


Observations: There are too many people who have houses that are way to big for their own good.


As we were flying over beautiful Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe, we saw million dollar homes left and right, million dollar homes that all look the exact same.


Basketball Court- check.

Ocean View- check.

12,000 sq. ft. – check.

Putting Green- check.


“Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky tacky…Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same.”- Weeds theme song


I kept glancing towards the ocean….. if I had all that money I think I would buy a boat and travel around the world instead.

Please keep your belongings inside the basket, bend your knees for landing.

The balloon ride was complimented with a post- board Irish champagne toast: (right up my ally)

The Winds have Welcomed you with softness.
The Sun has blessed you with his warm hands.
You have flown so high and so well,
that God has joined you in your laughter,
And He has set you gently back again
into the loving arms of Mother Earth.

After much anticipation it’s time to check it off the “Bits of Love List”

One Love,



*** check out Almost Bohemians’ post on our hot air balloon ride.


9 thoughts on “Knocking bits off the love list- Hot Air Balloon

  1. How cool it finally happened! I would be a bit nervous about the height thing but I am a person who even when a bit fearful will persevere and do it anyway – usually.  We just climbed to the summit of Whiteface Mountain with only a narrow path to walk on and an old metal railing on either side to keep you from plummeting down the side of the mountain! 

    I would have to agree – seeing houses like that would leave me with a sense of how excessive it is…

    And you guys are just too freakin cute together!! Love the pics!

    • Once you are up there you forget about the height. It actually feels very safe….somehow. It was a lot of fun. I think climbing a mountain is much more scary. I hope you posts pictures of that adventure. That sounds awesome. I think I need to go on a hike. That sounds wonderful. We had a blast so I am glad the pictures showed that.

  2. The view you took of the house looks amazing!

    are you scared of heights? My fear would just be being up in the air that high with nothing really keeping me in. :)

    • Benny Hsu » No, I have never been afraid of heights really. But I think you would be fine. It is such a peaceful ride. You feel like you are just floating with the clouds. Go for it. Conquer your fear of heights! :)

  3. Something I have always wanted to do. Looks like it was amazing. Glad you were able to check it off your Bits of Love List.

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  5. Thank you thank you thank you Megan! I had an amazing time! Also, I like how you said the destination bit. It didn’t matter where we went, we never really had any control. It’s nice to just enjoy drifting and floating time :)

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