Goodbye San Diego

Ciao!     Au Revoir!     Aloha!    Shalom!    Adios!     Sampai Jumpa!     Namaste!   Do zobaczenia!     Yasou!     Ha det bra!     Slan!    Hejdà!     Tschau!     ba bye!    Farewell!

Goodbye Party hosted by my dearest friend Eve

Goodbye San Diego. You will be missed. January 26th, 2012 marked the day that our world adventure began. It was a bittersweet goodbye. As I sold all my belongings and said goodbye to some of my dearest friends the excitement surrounded me. The journey begins here.

All packed up and ready to go

A road trip from San Diego, CA to Vero Beach, FL. We had a few stops along the way.

White Sands, New Mexico

Austin, Texas

New Orleans, Louisiana  

Final road trip destination: Vero Beach, Florida. This is where my Dad and Step Mom live. We will stay here for a few months. Make some quick money on a fishing boat, serving in a bistro and teaching local yoga classes.

The plan… live each day without a plan. 

When the time feels right we will gather up all our unused frequent flyer miles and head to New York City. The first destination will be the cheapest flight to any country in Europe. I’ll let you know which country when we get there.

You can follow us ( David and I) on our journey across the world.


A special thanks to all our friends and family who have helped us along the way. You will all be missed. We will send postcards and updates to keep you in the loop!

You must wear a hat to sit in the hot tub! Uncle Mike’s rule!

One Love, 



12 thoughts on “Goodbye San Diego

  1. Did you guys also live together? That’s so cool that you’ll be traveling extensively together. :D and too cute that you deliberately dressed like the ‘typical tourist’ in your going away party!! did david get really burnt or was that makeup to make a joke of tourists? hahaha love it.
    Janet recently posted..Break Social Convention. Be Crazy.

    • Janet » Yes, we lived together for almost a year, and worked together at one point. Pretty crazy. I gave David a sunburn with lipstick….an old trick I learned when I did theatre. It was fun and seemed perfect to be an American tourist. :) We are very excited to travel….. but first we are going to make some $$ in Florida.

  2. WOW… how fabulous for you… living a dream. Have the best time. I set out to sail the Caribbean and ended up spending 5 weeks in Florida. I’d never been there before and I had an adventure – just not the one I had planned on. Embrace whatever happens and live in the moment.

    You’re going to have such great stories to tell!!!

    • Sandra » Thank you for stopping by Sandra. I would love to hear all about your sailing adventures. I am actually trying to get my boyfriend on a fishing boat out her win Florida, and possibly go to the Bahamas for work. We are very open to adventure, whatever happens- happens. I think that is when the best opportunities come about. Hopefully we have some good stories to share with everyone. I will have to stop by your blog and learn about your adventures.

  3. Even though I’m sure we will be at each others throats every now and then, I am so terribly happy we are traveling together! :)

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