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August 21, 2020

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Propagating MonsterasIt’s finally Friday, friends. Let’s catch up. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that we’ve (just Andy) been propagating monstera plants. Our monstera (purchased last year from The Sill) is growing SO MUCH that we’ve had to start trimming it. We followed Carmeon Hamilton’s monstera propagating guide and soon what was one new plant growing, turned into a dining table transformed into a monstera farm.

We’ve been spending every weekend at the cabin and it restores my soul every time. We put our kitchen plans on hold, nervous about the future and what it means to renovate a home when being around people is so scary right now. And now, months later, we’re toying with the idea of ordering our IKEA cabinets and getting things started as best we can by ourselves. Take your time, do you what you can, do what feels safe.

Kyrgies Slippers on Kilim RugWhile slippers had typically been a cold-weather accessory for me, they’ve become an all-the-time necessity since March. I purchased my first pair – the Kyrgies Classic Wool Slippers with low back (on my feet in the pic above) back in October, but since working from home, I’ve been craving something with a little more support. The kind folks at Kyrgies sent me a pair of Kyrgies Molded All Naturals, which have a leather sole built over an orthopedic last. They feel more like a shoe and give me the right support for working from home all day – I like to think of them as my business lady slippers. I also got to try out their felted insoles which are going to be perfect for adding cushy warmth when summer turns to fall. What I like about both styles is that they don’t overheat my feet and they are just grippy enough (silicone on the classics, leather on the molded all naturals) on the bottom to save me from taking a tumble.

And a few more things:

  • Ashley has posed the question: how will COVID-19 change the design of our homes? She surveyed her followers on IG about their comfort levels having guests or trades in their homes and what changes they’re making to their homes during the pandemic. Check out her post, it’s a good read with her thoughts on what could change in the future with ideas from readers, plus links to articles about how pandemics have shaped the homes we live in today.
  • One of my food groups during the last few months has been all the vegan versions of Smart Sweets. I’ve been ordering mine through Thrive Market (my signature order is 90% Smart Sweets, 10% a jar of pasta sauce), but I think it’s time for the big league move of ordering direct.
  • Rebecca of HomeGirlLifeStyle has the backyard of my dreams.
  • All the woodwork in our Pittsburgh home has a shellac finish. I first heard about reactivating shellac with denatured alcohol from Daniel Kanter, but I found out so much more from Tracie Thompson of mychicagobungalow‘s in-depth shellac stories.
  • Schoolhouse is having a 15% off everything and anything sale – it’s a good one. We love our Ostara Pendant in our dining room and I’ve got my heart set on the Orion Sconce for the cabin’s powder room. And, you can’t go wrong with the most handsome dish drainer.
  • Don’t forget to buy stamps (like the most beautiful Ruth Asawa stamps), send mail, support the post office, support your mail carriers, and VOTE.

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