DIY Gifts under $15

This holiday season I decided to get creative and make all my gifts. I worked in retail for 5 years and the last thing I wanted to do was try and park at a popular San Diegian mall. It usually turns into the worlds worst nightmare. I turned to my new best friend…Pinterest… for some creative inspiration.


DIY Jewelry Holder Frames

I thought that this gift would be perfect for David’s sisters. Most girls have jewelry and most girls have no idea where to store it. I know for me, before my amazing boyfriend surprised me with a picture frame turned secret jewelry box, my jewelry was tangled in some sort of mess and prevented me from wanting to even wear it.

This project was fun and simple.


1.) Go to a wholesale store or catch Hobby Lobby or Michaels during a sale and pick up some untreated picture frames. (Large Poster Size) $5-10 per frame.

2.) Pick up spray paint of your choice and if you are a glitter freak like me, grab a can of glitter spray paint as well. $3 per can

3.) Head over to Home Depot and pick up some chicken wire. You will only need one roll per 3 picture frames you make. ($6)

4.) Spray paint your frames with the color of your choice, let dry.

5.) Staple gun the chicken wire to the back of the picture frames. (this part is the hardest part but once you learn to manipulate and cut the chicken wire (use wire cutters) this step is easy too.

** Teacher’s get discounts at the craft stores, so don’t forget to shine your ID if you got one.


DIY Reinbeer

This is a great gift idea for a beer lover and you won’t spend much on it at all.


1.) Head to your local liquor store and pick up a six pack of bottles of your choice. ($6-10)

2.) Go to the craft store and buy red fluffy balls, brown pipeline wire, and goggly eyes. ( all this should be in the same section) $3

** if you don’t already have a glue gun, you will need one of those as well.

3.) Bend the pipeline to form antlers. Glue on the eyes and the nose.


DIY Family Photo Montage

** I had to steal this picture from Pintrest because I wasn’t able to take a photo of my project hanging on the wall in time.

Of all my DIY gifts this year this gift was the most time consuming but still very simple. This is a great gift for a family member, friend, anyone who loves to hang photos. This project costs a little more since you are printing out photos and the initial investment in Modge Podge is $10, but you will have a lot left over and can use it for future projects.


1.) Buy a 8ft. piece of 2×1 and cut into the length of boards that you want. I chose to have 5 boards. 2 longer length and 3 shorter. You can choose to make them however you want it displayed. ($5)

2.) At the craft store you will want to pick up: modge podge, black spray paint, small picture frame wall mounts, ribbon color of choice. Make sure you choose a ribbon that is over 1 inch thick so it is sturdy.  ($15)

3.) Pick out photos and have them printed in black and white (color is an option here as well). I had them printed as wallet size so there was not much trimming to do. ($10)

** you will also need to pick up a curtain rod, the smallest length.

4.) Spray paint your wood boards. Let dry.

5.) Cut your photos to fit your boards and modge podge your photos onto the boards. I would recommend using the mode podge as a glue at first to get the photos to stick and then go back and modge podge on top of the photos. You can use a sealer if you want, this prevents it from being sticky but you will spend an extra $5 bucks.

6.) Secure wall mounts on the back of each board so that you can hang your ribbon from the black boards to the curtain rod.






12 thoughts on “DIY Gifts under $15

  1. These are great ideas! You guys are such an inspiration, as always. I will definitely try the jewelry holder craft.

    BTW, I am trying a yoga class next week! Can’t wait!

    Hope all is well with your travels and adventures…

    • Let me know how the jewlery holder turns out and what color you choose. I can’t wait to hear all about your yoga class. I have been on a road trip so have not been able to go to any classes. I still have not gotten into the do it on the road class yet. I will have to try that.

  2. Met, your tweet button text is sti off. instead of saying   via  @onelovemeg you have an extra @ sign. It says ” via @@onelovemeg” Not sure if it matters just thought you would like to know.

  3. Wow, these are amazing. I made a jewery frame almost like this too. It’s so gratifying. I really loved the photo hanging gift. I think i’ have to do that. Since we arrived in France, i don’t buy anything because i want to stay light and mobile but i think having some descent pictures to hang might be the thing i need to spruceup our sterile apartment and it’s portable. thanks for the ides

    • Yes, you should make the photo thing. It’s super simple. The only obstacle is printing out the pictures, which is simple in its self, you just have to do it. If you do it, take some pics. I would love to see it.

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